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"Aviaservice" airline provides a full range of business aviation in organizing and providing the following types of transportation:

We work 24/7

Individual transportation business jets is not only an indicator of prestige, but also everyday necessity for those who are on duty often have to travel. Modern business environment involves rapid movement, and if you highly value your time, and think that it is the most valuable asset, your services offer business aviation. The airline "Aveservice" is pleased to offer you a comfortable and high-speed business jet aircraft, which will allow for maximum convenience, comfort and safety.

We guarantee:

  • The organization of flight within 3 hours after confirmation;
  • Flight safety, which is the main principle of our company;
  • Full confidentiality move;
  • Control and support throughout their transportation;
  • The ability to shape and change the route;
  • Comfortable aircraft cabin, which gives the chance not only to work during the flight, but also complete privacy for rest and sleep.

If there is any application, is our Manager will contact you, to discuss the details of the flight, will give professional advice  and  full information. The Manager will solve all questions, connected with preparation and execution of a flight around the clock.

The airline "Aviaservice" offers solutions for corporate transportation, a large number of people - personal Charter flights. The ability to shape the schedule and itinerary. You will not be limited by regular flights and the time of their departure. Due to this, you can always ensure arrival accurately to the desired time. At your request, we find the most suitable aircraft meets all Your requirements and wishes. Airline "Aveservice" has a great experience in organizing flights and is the official partner of leading sports teams HC "AK bars", VC "Zenit", top managers of large companies.

At your request, we find the most suitable aircraft meets all your requirements and wishes. Manager  will give professional advice  and  full information about the technical suitability, age, selected plane, the skills of the crew. The Manager will solve all questions, connected with the organization and maintenance of flight. 

If it is necessary, we can ensure the availability of vehicles superior. If there is pre-ordering we can supply the desired car brand, model.

Those who are not accustomed to waste time in vain, or wants to provide the highest degree of convenience, will definitely enjoy the ability to transport directly to the aircraft without going through the long procedures in the airport terminal.

For those who prefer a little extra comfort, we offer the VIP Lounges in airports. Passengers can expect: cozy interior and a comfortable waiting rooms with a full range of services for departure and arrival, gourmet food, gift shop and presents with a wide range, providing complete and accurate information about flights, qualified staff and the calm atmosphere. The passengers are all pre-flight and post-flight formalities for the minimum time with maximum comfort.

Hotels booking

We value your time and offer you to take advantage of the hotel booking. The Manager will help to choose the appropriate option based on the desired level of service, degree of distance from the city center, and other additional conditions.

Placement of corporate identity on objects and advertising aboard

One of the most effective means to deliver information to the consumer today is advertising onboard. The airline "Aveservice" offers ample opportunities for the promotion of any company and products through advertising or corporate symbols on aircraft in our fleet, as well as the placement of materials on-Board video.