• Flights safety policy

Flights safety policy

Safety is one of the main functions of our business.

We are committed to the development, implementation, continuous implementation and improvement of strategies and methods to ensure that all our aviation activities developed in the context of a balanced distribution of the resources of the organization, aimed at achieving the highest level of safety and compliance with national and international standards in the provision of our services.

Leadership at all levels and all employees are responsible for achieving this higher level of safety, since the General Director of the Airline "Aveservice".

We commit ourselves:

  • to support the management of safety by allocating all relevant resources that will lead to the creation of an organisational culture that stimulates the introduction of safe practice, and promotes the effective presentation of data on safety and the sharing of this information, and actively manages safety, giving him the same results value, as the results of other management systems of the organization;

  • to impute the management of safety in the first duty of all managers and employees;

  • clearly define for all staff (managers and employees) the scope of their responsibilities and obligations in relation to the safety of the organization and the functioning efficiency of our system of safety management;

  • develop and implement processes to identify hazards and risk management, including reporting of the hazards, with the aim of eliminating or reducing risks to safety associated with the consequences of hazards resulting from our operations to achieve continuous improvements in the efficiency of aviation safety;

  • to ensure against any employee who reports an issue of safety through a system of representation of data on the hazards, no action is taken, except that if such notice reasonably indicates unlawful acts, gross negligence or intentional or willful violation of the rules or procedures;

  • to observe and, if possible, to exceed regulatory requirements and standards;

  • to ensure that sufficient skilled and trained human resources to implement the strategy, process safety;

  • to ensure that all staff were provided with adequate and appropriate information on safety and appropriate training to each employee was competent in matters of safety and to him was entrusted to only those tasks that are commensurate with their qualifications;

  • to identify and assess our effectiveness of safety in comparison with realistic indicators of safety and targets safety;

  • continually improve the effectiveness of safety through management processes that ensure the adoption of appropriate effective measures in the field of aviation safety;

  • to ensure compliance provided from external sources, systems and services to ensure our operations our assurance standards flight safety.

LLC "Aveservice"
D.S. Galiev